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Giovana Celli – Founder | Mom

I’m Giovana, the CEO and founder of MotherFood, but you can call me a mom-in-chief too! With my roots deeply planted in the world of food technology and innovation, I’ve taken my passion for healthy, science-backed nutrition and turned it into a mission with MotherFood. I’ve got a knack for creating stuff (over 40 products launched and counting!) and a couple of cool books and patents to my name.

But the best part of my day? It’s juggling life with my two adorable kiddos. I started MotherFood to make the whole “feeding your child the right stuff” thing a bit easier and a lot more fun for parents like us. In this blog, I’m not just sharing advice from a CEO’s desk; I’m sharing the real-life experiences of a mom figuring it all out one meal at a time. So, let’s talk food, kids, and the chaos and joy of parenting!