MotherFood was founded on a mission to redefine infant and toddler food. Our founder brings a wealth of experience from a diverse and highly scientific background, carrying qualifications from prestigious institutions. After a distinguished career in the food industry, from innovative product development to regulatory compliance and quality assurance, our founder created MotherFood to share her expertise in a field where it is most needed: infant and toddler nutrition.

Our founder’s contribution to intellectual property and dedication to the research, development, and improvement of food products, with a special focus on health-conscious solutions, now drives MotherFood’s ethos.

MotherFood is a culmination of years of research, industry experience, and a deep-rooted desire to make mealtime a joy for families everywhere. We are excited to introduce you to our revolutionary approach to infant and toddler food – one meal at a time.


Giovana’s personal journey inspired her to dive into the fascinating world of food science and technology. Over the years, she has held prestigious roles in various esteemed organizations, earning accolades for her significant contributions to food safety, quality assurance, and intellectual property. Notably, her extensive research and innovative techniques in preserving natural colorants for new food ingredients and coloring dairy products have made a lasting impact on the industry. Her leadership in new product development and commitment to healthy alternatives, combined with her dedication to sustainable solutions, are testimonies to her deep-rooted passion for creating food that is not only safe and nutritious but also environmentally friendly.

When Giovana became a mother, her interest in nutrition took a more personal turn. Before introducing solids to her two-year-old son, she took it upon herself to learn everything there could be about baby and infant nutrition. Now expecting a girl, her commitment to providing healthy, balanced diets for her children is stronger than ever.

Drawing on her personal experiences and professional expertise, Giovana founded MotherFood, a company dedicated to delivering wholesome, nutritionally balanced food for mothers and their little ones.